The world overcomes the turn of the millenium. For the first time in history Germany is headed by a female Federal Chancellor. In the USA a coloured man is elected President for the first time. Medical treatment has never been as good as now and never before had so many people access to education. The technological progress isis following its path at a high speed, at the same time social inequality is becoming worse. Bender makes a good outset into the new millenium: the third generation joins the company and plans for the succession. The sense of responsibility towards customers, employees and the environment remains – as in the past – one of the main pillars.

  • Sabine Bender-Suhr
  • Christian Bender jr.
  • Anne Katrin Römer

The eventful year 2000 is finally rounded off: Sabine Bender-Suhr who has already joined the company in 1994 and who had been Head of Marketing until then becomes Managing Director. On January 1, 2010 Christian Bender jr. becomes owner and Managing Director of elektrosystembau bender that emerged from the switchgear department. Anne Katrin Römer, the second daughter of D. Christian Bender takes over responsibility for communication and marketing. 

Walther Bender-Haus

In March 2000 the Walther Bender-Haus, a modern sales and training centre is inaugurated in Grünberg.

In 2001 the production facility in Siersleben celebrates its 10th anniversary. The first fully automatic SMD-line is put into operation and enables the company to manufacture  according to the latest technology.

Bender further expands in Europe, Bender Benelux (the Netherlands) and Bender Iberia (Spain) are founded. The expansion also continues overseas. Bender Inc., the American daughter company puts up a new state of the art production and administration building and hires new employees for sales and engineering.

„Lead-free production“ – a topic that is heavily discussed in the German electrical and electronics industry over months. The reason is the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act (ElektroG) on the basis of the already valid guidelines of the European Community WEEE and RoHs. This means from the beginning of July 1, 2006 the usage of lead and further environmentally hazardous substances as well as the placing on the market of non-compliant used equipment is forbidden.

As stipulated in one of its guiding principles, Bender has committed itself to this environmental legislation and has formulated it as a company objective. From July 1, 2005 on, the first Bender products are delivered RoHS compliant, exactly one year before the deadline of the legislation.

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