Founder years

Dipl.-Ing. Walther Hans Bender

In 1936 Dipl.-Ing. Walther Hans Bender, the founder of the company, began his work as an inspector for electrical power systems in open pit and underground coal mines in Germany.

The problem of 500 V three-phase systems inspired him to start development work in the field of earth fault monitoring in 1937.


Two years later Walther Hans Bender's work culminated in his first patent, an "insulation monitoring device and earth fault location system for three-phase systems, today known as A-ISOMETER®.

In 1945, after the war, Walther Hans Bender and his wife Kathrin together with their two sons , one year and four years old, came to Grünberg.
In 1946, after his search for work was in vain, he decided to take another brave step forward in those economically really difficult days: He founded an engineering office, well known as the basis of our international group of companies today.

He made use of his patent of 1939 and started the production of the first A-ISOMETER®s in the basement of his house and later in a small summerhouse.
Application fields were potash, mineral and coal mining. The term A-ISOMETER® is registered as a trademark.

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