The sixties

extend the product range by electrical safety products for various industries

When the aspiring company was confronted with sales problems due to the recession in coal mining during the sixties, once again the founder of the innovative company, Walther Bender, had the foresight to do the right thing.

With the takeover of Wilshaus KG in Herstein/Nahe in 1966, he was able to extend the product range by electrical safety products for various industries (a.o. asymmetry and reative power relays) on the spot.

Walther Bender also responded very quickly to the technical changes in potash mining with new ideas. Vibration-proof ISOMETER®s were developed and for the first time the electronic circuits were completely encapsulated.These new features opened up new application fields.
Bender developed trailing cable protective devices with selective disconnection for the new drilling jumbos/shuttle cars and coal cutting machines.

the first A-ISOMETER® is ready for production

Owing to the explosion risks of anaesthetic gases in operating theatres and medical locations, hospitals began to show great interest in the safety engineering in coal mining. That induced Bender to develop the first A-ISOMETER® that also suited the safety requirements of sectors other than mining and a short time later the electronic device was ready for production.

The motto of the company founder "maximum electrical safety for people in sensitive areas"came to fruition in different application fields and the relay production gradually gave way to the electronic production.

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