ISOTROL is a pioneer and leader in the isolated power industry. Bender medical acquired ISOTROL many years ago, added regionally needed products and grew the company. Our complete line of isolated power panels and accessories shows the commitment we have to "Electrical Safety".

We manufacture isolated power equipment in Germany for the world. There can be no compromise concerning the safety of patients and staff. We provide the most flexible solutions for your needs. Let us be your partner so that you can take advantage of our expert knowledge.

BENDER Medical and BENDER Canada are reliable partners worldwide. BENDER Medical and BENDER Canada develop system solutions in accordance with NFPA 99, NFPA 70, NEC, CEC, CSA, IEC and other national and International Standards. We support activities that range from the conceptual phase of the project to the final system certification.


Data sheet:

Ground Power Modules and Accessories for Healthcare Facilities

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Healthcare Industry

The Video Shows the reasons for Isolated Power Panels and explains the Advantages of the Bender LIM2010 plus their Fault Location System and their Communication Options to Modbus TCP or RTU, Profibus and BacNet.

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