Ground fault protection equipment for the mining industry

Bender recently upgraded its existing line of monitoring and protection devices for solidly grounded and high-resistance grounded systems to satisfy the growing demand for a reliable, high-quality supplier to the mining industry in North America.

As a result of a continuing dialogue with mining customers, Bender has been steadily expanding its product range. Pragmatic solutions are being offered in all application areas where electrical safety is paramount.

An important point for the technicians and engineers in the mines is the ability of all monitors to transfer the measured data to the control room via Ethernet or ModBus. Bender Canada offers the option to use our Gateway COM460 to access all data from remote places as well as to send an E-Mail to the technician in charge to immediately receive the information about the dimension and the location of the problem.


The main emphasis by Bender is on the following products:

  • Ground fault current relays
  • Insulation monitoring devices
  • Fixed and portable ground fault locating equipment
  • Fixed and portable GFCIs
  • Monitoring equipment at the system level
  • Monitoring, alarm, control and operator panel
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Bender offers reliable, efficient prevention of electrical harm to people and equipment. Bender offers a number of key products for the mining industry - RC48N, RCMA423 plus CT, RC48C and RCMS490 plus CT

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