Active damage prevention in On- and Offshore applications of oil and gas production

The efficient, safe and environmentally-compatible extraction and processing of these raw materials is regarded as extremely important in the oil and gas industry. Flammable gases, liquids and vapours obviously have to be expected here, meaning that there may also be an increased fire hazard. This places tough demands on electrical safety, and not just with reference to the production process.

Bender offers comprehensive solutions for electrical safety in both the onshore and offshore sectors. We have proved ourselves capable of handling these complex tasks safely in numerous projects around the world and under challenging local conditions.

Fixed/mobile platforms – FPSO applications

Insulation monitoring units (ISOMETERs®) in combination with EDS isolation fault location equipment ensure the ultimate in electrical safety in power circuits (110/230/380/440/690 V) and electric circuits for drilling equipment and other processes. ISOMETER® equipment provides constant monitoring of the system, signals isolation faults at an early stage and thus protects perfectly against critical situations. The comprehensive assistance for servicing and maintenance work provided by the speedy identification of fault locations, the central control and display options and trend analysis via Ethernet and a PC (SCADA) result in: 

  • Significantly higher operational safety
  • Major time and cost savings
  • Greater protection against cost-intensive downtime
  • Higher extraction rates

Fire & gas detection systems – DC 24 V process system

In these systems, too, the use of ISOMETERs® and isolation fault location systems (EDS) allow substantially higher operational safety to be achieved. In  particular, the rapid location of isolation faults with EDS systems is one of the key tasks in this field.

Sub-sea installations – ROVs

Isolation monitoring of the power supply to underwater robots which are powered via a cable or a fixed installation. The central issue in this field is the avoidance of downtime or interruptions by means of early identification of isolation faults via ISOMETERs®.


Bender offers reliable, efficient prevention of electrical harm to people and equipment. Furthermore Bender's IRDH575, EDS460 or RCMS490 continuous monitoring capability eliminates the need for system shutdowns in order to verify the condition of electrical isolation with a Megger test.

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