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Maintaining offshore asset integrity

The integrity of unearthed electrical distribution systems, umbilicals, cables and connectors, is an important factor when maintaining the operability of static platforms, FPSOs and subsea control equipment. Effective and continuous smart monitoring is vital to ensure power and control systems remain in service and experience fewer costly failures that slow or stop production schedules.

Locating faults at an early stage before they become critical enables planned routine and preventative maintenance. IRDH575 Isolation Monitors in combination with EDS460/490 Isolation fault location delivered by Bender Canada ensures the reliability and safety of electrical supply and control systems for platform plant and processes including well head control, pumping stations, drilling equipment, critical fire & gas detection, and platform shutdown.


Managing ageing infrastructure

Equipment problems can arise offshore at any time but industry experience suggests that they become more frequent as equipment ages. Oil and gas installations still operate a wide range of older control equipment and electrical distribution networks. In harsh operating conditions when any downtime can be critical, this creates an environment where serious issues can quickly develop. Normal fault finding by a process of elimination is expensive and time consuming, especially in deep water installations where it often involves specialist intervention with dive and support vessel resources that must be allocated well in advance. Monitoring equipment with more intelligent advanced capabilities provides invaluable support to help production managers and maintenance teams to improve plant availability reduce downtime and increase extraction rates.

Predictive maintenance to protect production

Bender Canada systems are designed to intelligently monitor and manage the integrity of topside critical power and communications systems and subsea distribution networks, enabling intervention to be planned with minimum disruption to plant operations. Bender Canada has an unparalleled technical foundation and extensive practical experience in predicting and preventing failures through its proven monitoring and fault location systems which can be an integral part of long-term Asset Integrity Management. Bender equipment intelligently links to analogue and digital data collection and management systems such as SCADA or DCS Systems. Advanced capabilities facilitate pro-active and preventative maintenance to deliver higher operational safety and efficiency, time and cost savings, reduced downtime, and higher extraction rates. Positive outcomes from the application of Bender technology can include:

  • Long term trending analysis of surface installations, umbilical and subsea electrical integrity to prevent unplanned shutdowns or interruption of production processes.
  • Predictive electrical analysis to forecast system failures avoiding loss of production capability and subsea control operability.
  • Assistance in planning operational changes to mitigate the impact of failing Isolation Resistance (IR) avoiding costly disruption and offering the opportunity to reroute operating systems and extend the life of distribution equipment.

Adaptive Measuring Principle – a unique advantage

Bender Canada monitoring technology is both intelligent and adaptive. Bender units adapt themselves to the systems they are monitoring to accurately report the status of power systems despite the complex DC current leakage associated with TVs, monitors, pcs and electronic devices now routinely found on platform electrical systems. The standard measuring principle for earth faults and isolation degradation for pure AC ungrounded systems, both single and three-phase is the superimposition of a DC measuring voltage between the system and ground. However this is prone to inaccuracy due to leakage capacitance and external influences often arising due to interference from DC devices such as TVs and monitors. This interference distorts the results of the normal DC measured voltage to give false readings, either failing to register the faults or indicating faults where none exist. Bender's Adaptive Measuring Principle (AMP) overcomes the limitations of DC measuring signals by superimposing a clocked, pulsed measuring voltage onto the system. The signal is microprocessor controlled to automatically adapt itself to prevailing system conditions, such as high leakage capacitances. It is designed for today’s modern power distribution systems that include: pure DC systems, systems with a mix of AC and DC (including rectifiers), and systems with variable frequency drives.

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Bender offers reliable, efficient prevention of electrical harm to people and equipment. Bender offers a number of key products for the mining industry - IRDH575 plus EDS.

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