About Us

For over 80 years, Bender’s mission has been to make electrical power safe. Our wide portfolio of cutting-edge electrical safety and monitoring products are used in virtually every industry — healthcare, solar, oil and gas, electric vehicle, mining and many more.

These products are used

  • To protect personnel against shock hazard
  • To prevent against fire due to ground faults
  • To ensure equipment remains online and free from damage

Bender Inc. is staffed with 70 experts in the electrical safety industry who offer comprehensive product, application, and technical support. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility produces products of the highest quality to keep you and your facility safe.

Bender’s product portfolio includes

  • Ungrounded and grounded fault monitoring
  • Ground fault location detection
  • Protection panels
  • Healthcare isolated power panels
  • Measuring and monitoring relays
  • Current transformers
  • Charge controllers
  • Resistance grounded systems (HRG/LRG)