Bender Inc. is Going Green!

Our Bender Inc. Team

Reusable Grocery Bags

Giving away reusable grocery bags to reduce plastic consumption

Planting Trees

Planted 100 trees in Haiti, reducing 154,000 lbs. of CO2 in the atmosphere

Conflict-free minerals

All Bender Inc. vendors exclusively use conflict-free minerals

Eliminating one-time plastics

In the process of eliminating the use of one-time plastics within our facility 

Reusable Water Bottles

Employees participate in the use of reusable water bottles

Conserve Energy

All room and hallway lights auto-switch off after periods of inactivity

Go Green Initiatives

Bender Inc. is fully committed to preserving the environment, protecting the planet, and recycling our resources. One of the five core values in our quality policy is environmental awareness. Whether it is through reducing our carbon footprint by carpooling or simply just taking the time to recycle, Bender employees have always valued the importance of environmental responsibility. In recent months, Bender has taken even larger steps towards ensuring that we are as eco-friendly and energy-efficient as possible.

One of our many positive steps towards helping the environment has been planting over one-hundred Cassia trees in Haiti. These trees have led to the reduction of 70,000 kg of CO2 (154,323 lbs.) in the atmosphere. In addition, we have been working hard to lessen the use of all plastics within our building and replacing them with eco-friendly, biodegradable alternatives.

Going forward, Bender plans on becoming environmentally certified to help our organization cut down on waste and improve our environmental performance.

One of our many Cassia Trees
Cassia Tree - Haiti

Bender Inc. team celebrating!

Bender Inc. team at our Exton location celebrating the announcement of going green!