The CE-Code C22.1-18

The Canadian Electrical Code Update 2018

The CE Code, C22.1-18, was made available at the beginning of 2018. While its adoption date varies by location, Canadians affected by the Code will soon need to update their knowledge and practices for new and upgraded electrical installations.

Section 10, Grounding and Bonding, has been extensively re-written. The Bender NGRM700 can be used to perform the functions required by Rule 10-302, Use of Impedance Grounded Systems. (These systems are usually grounded through a neutral-grounding resistor (NGR)).

  • Ground fault on a current-carrying conductor
  • NGR failure in open mode
  • NGR failure in shorted mode
  • Ground fault on a neutral conductor
  • Ground fault on the conductor connecting the NGR to the power system

For further information visit the NGRM700 product page, the High Resistance Grounding page or contact us for more details.

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