• Network and system protection with default basic programs for national standards and regulations
  • Interface RS-485 (data exchange/parameter setting/software update)
  • Continuous monitoring of the phase voltage and line-to-line voltage
  • Remote shutdown via ripple control signal receiver

The VMD460 is an external network and system protection (NS protection) the purpose of which is to disconnect the power generation system from the grid by coupling switches in the event of inadmissible threshold values. If voltage and frequency measurements on the power generation system are outside the thresholds required in the standards, the relays of the VMD460 will switch. The VMD460 is multifunctionally adjustable.

The currently measured values are continuously shown on the LC display. The measured values leading to the tripping of the relays are stored.

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  • Straightforward commissioning due to pre-set basic programs for national standards and regulations
  • Single-fault tolerance
  • Monitoring of the connected coupling switch (configurable: NC/NO/off)
  • Islanding detection df/dt (ROCOF)
  • Vector shift
  • Interface RS-485 (data exchange, parameter setting, software update)
  • Test function for the determination of the disconnection time
  • Test button for the trigger circuit
  • The last 300 distribution network faults can be recalled with time stamp/real-time clock
  • Continuous monitoring of the phase and line-to-line voltage
  • Separate switching conditions after a threshold infringement
  • Language selection (German, English, Italian)
  • Backlit graphics LC display
  • Remote shutdown via ripple control signal receiver
  • Password protection for device setting
  • Sealable enclosure
  • Central NS protection
  • Automatic switching point between a power generation system operated in parallel with the network and the public grid
  • Application in accordance with CEI 0-21, VDE-AR-N 4105, BDEW guideline, C10/11, G59/2, G83/2, DIN V VDE V 0126-1-1
  • Universally applicable for safe mains decoupling of power generation systems


Variants of LINETRAXX® VMD460-NA

TypeSupply voltage USArt. No.
VMD460-NA-D-2AC/DC 100…240 VB93010045

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