Recertification Services

Recertification Services

NFPA 99 requires periodic testing of all Isolated Power Systems in Healthcare Facilities. BENDER Authorized technicians are available to perform annual testing on any make or model of isolated power panel, and bi-annual testing of any analog line isolation monitors.

Annual and Bi-Annual recertification services include, but are not limited to:

  • Measurements of hazard current and system impedance, both resistive and capacitive
  • Applied fault testing
  • Line Isolation Monitor testing
  • Annunciator alarm testing
  • Fault location and load monitoring testing- for panels with applicable modules
  • Verification of proper equipment grounding
  • Recertification report with all testing data

If any issues are detected in the system during testing, onsite technicians will assess for best solutions that will be documented and included with recertification report.

Don’t want to worry about when annual testing is due? BENDER has multi-year service agreements available that will notify you one month prior, and ensure priority scheduling with BENDER technicians.