Upgrades and Retrofit Services

BENDER provides complete services for upgrading and updating Isolated Power Systems without replacing complete panels. Upgrading to BENDER’s LIM2010 Line Isolation Monitor and MK2000 series of remote annunciators eliminates issues due to aging systems and reduces testing costs.

BENDER can retrofit any existing make or model of Line Isolation Monitor and remote annunciator. Many common models have existing retrofit kits, and custom solutions are available for unique situations. Our service engineers will walk you through the evaluation, planning, and implementation of all retrofit solutions to ensure an efficient process and minimal interruptions in your facility.

  • Upgrade and retrofit options available to replace any make or model of existing equipment
  • Comprehensive evaluation of existing equipment to ensure complete and efficient retrofit with minimal downtime
  • Recertification of retrofit panels by BENDER Authorized Engineers to comply with NFPA 99 –
  • In select situations, installation services are also available for retrofit applications


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